Mikes X Files Remastered

  It has been a long time since I have done any work on my parent site Mikes X Files at least that’s what most people think . But over the last 5 months I have been remastering the picture sets that were world famous for the amateur content and now the pictures are bigger and better. Canadian barefoot girls are back and once I get over 60 or 70 percent of the original girls sets updated and remastered then I am looking at starting again. Just need to buy a new camera that does HD videos. I already have new still HD camera but looking at a Canon HD Vid Cam to make this site so much more awesome . I am capable of producing some of the best soft core, girl on girl and hardcore amateur foot fetish material on the net but I need to get things up to date and the new site design I am doing makes browsing super simple.. With that all said lets show you some of the remastered samples and lets move on from there… These gals were awesome as most of you already know so have a look at some of these picture samples.

Karma – Toy Play

Karma is an awesome girl that has a strong sexual drive so enjoy her pictures !

Paige Teaser

If you like toe licking then check out these two awesome real amateur coeds totally naked and sucking toes.

Some of the best sexual stuff comes from none nude girls that show of their body in lingerie plus tease with their feet so lets look at Alona

Mikes X Files also does more than feet pics so have a peek at Shasta on the bed.

I have tons of amateur girls in Picture Content so visit my home site and see lots more. Over 100 models ! Including this girl…


Here is one more girl for you to have a sneak peek at..  Savanah is a cute 19 year old with a great body and very soft feet so enjoy these pictures. One of the few girls I know that can stick her own big toe in her pussy 🙂

Well that gives you a good idea of what I have been doing on this site so to finish things off I will post a sample picture of some of the other amateur girls that I have worked with and are on the site. Keep in mind that each girl has multiple scenes and some even have fun with their girl friends!!

If you like these barefoot amateur girls then  visit Mikesxfiles.net and have some fun. Okay back to work. Have a great week all !