Taissia Shanti – Up Close


Today we are going to have another look at Taissia Shanti but this time from a network of sites that focuses on pretty girls and their pussy! The Wet and Puffy Network of sites is famous for their extreme closeups and kinky use of toys plus peeing all over the place 🙂 Taissia has done 7 movies so far on this network with the latest being released just a couple of weeks ago so lets get on with things and have a nice close look at this horny and kinky young woman…

Taissia Shanti

Taissia earned a high approval for her debut on Wet and Pissy. Now the goddess is prepped with a pair of short shorts that shows off the magnificent girth of her well praised legs. She’s kept her fuzzy patch and it’s been souped up while keeping it under control. Taissia starts off on a table wetting her shorts. Soon after, she strips and places her outfit in front of her to piss on it. Her table manners are top notch, and she expertly licks down the wet table. Taissia moves on to her next phase, perching herself on top of a chair. Down on her knees and bending forward, she arches her body over the chair, pissing with her ass out for full visual enjoyment. She goes a step further, pulling at her ass and wiggling around as she lets it loose. The plug remains within her for the remainder of the scene, even as she walks to pick up a goblet. Taissia fills it up and splurges it over her head and sometimes into her mouth. The last bit is swallowed down without a hint of hesitation. Taissia’s captivating traits don’t get left behind, and she flexes that power to it’s full effect from the beginning to the end.


Our Cutie

Tugging at her pussy lips with her fingers, Taissia oils up her juicy twat and inserts a blue sex toy inside herself. She enjoys pumping her snatch and stretching herself wide apart, this horny little babe inserts a glass plug into her ass. Finally, Taissia enjoys using a purple vibrator which she licks clean after using it!

Seriously Satisfied

Taissia has a distinctive look about her with her gorgeous face, long legs and long flowing hair. She is confident in front of the camera and shows off her body in a yellow boob tube and red hotpants. Taissia strips down to a pair of polka dot panties and uses the crotch to rub her big taco pussy. Attaching pussy clips to her labia, she teases her slit with her fingers and pumps her pussy while at the same time toying her hole with a pink dildo. Taissia moves her toy into her ass and finishes herself with her fingers until she pees all over the floor in excitement!


Sweet Sucker

Stunning brunette Taissia is in the lounge in a lace top and crotchless panties and loves to show off her slightly hairy pussy as she is feeling really horny. This gorgeous brunette lets our guy feel her tits before she gets onto her knees and takes his cock into her mouth. Being able to pull off both the innocent and mischievous look, Taissia enjoys some steamy 69 action then climbs onto our lucky guy as she lets him fuck her tight pussy. Proving she can suck like a professional, Taissia lets him cum all over her pretty face as his spunk drips down her chin!

Sweet Taissia

Taissia is on the bed and playing with black sex toys of varying sizes. She strips naked and inserts the smallest toy into her ass, filling it to the tip and fingering her pussy at the same time! She sits back and moves onto sex toy number two, filling her ass even further but this horny babe can’t wait to get her hands on the monster sized black dildo! After stretching her tight ass even more, Taissia gets on her knees and starts to suck off our guy! She bends over after sucking and enjoys a big dick penetrating her ass, groaning at every thrust! She stretches her ass wide apart and after a bit more toy play, our guy cums all over her pretty face and in her mouth, leaving her in a complete mess!


Taissia And Victoria

Today on SimplyAnal we have the pleasure of the company of not one, but two stunning babes! Taissia Shanti and Victoria Daniels get to know each other and start this horny scene by pillow fighting and kissing each other. Taissia takes down Victoria’s panties and rims her stunning ass, before inserting a finger or two! Victoria returns the favour as Taissia sits on her face and enjoys being licked. Afterwards these two anal loving babes use various sex toys on each other and seriously enjoy anal toy play. In between toy play, they both lick their dildos clean and taste each other too!

Wet Dreams

Twenty year old Taissia looks great in her casual athletic gear. Her workout pants are a great choice for a day of pissing. The stretched cloth becomes vaguely transparent, revealing her ass before she takes them off. Beneath them hides a neatly trimmed patch and a voluptuous pair of legs. Taissia really does it all in this video. She licks up the wet floor, glides around on it. pees on her feet, and washes off a heart shaped lollipop with her pee and licks it like it was fresh out of the wrapper. Here she shows off how good of a pisser she is, mostly with some great open leg poses. She sits on a chair leaning back, licking her lollipop and aiming for a group of containers on the table. She points her feet forward for added appeal, shooting out some clean streams well into the air. On one occasion she stands facing a chair jolting her pussy as she pees, fluxing her stream up and down. A black dildo becomes her new companion after she puts her lollipop to rest. After the climax of her masturbation session, she pees again, this time from a sitting position.

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