Abby Winters July Update


I have some new picture sets from the super cool amateur mega site that have been added since my last time posting in June. ( Click Here For Junes Updates ) 12 new scenes, some solo and some girl on girl and all 100 % amateur girls getting naked and showing their stuff! I’ll start off with Whitney’s set that was just added to the site about an hour ago! Most of these picture sets have anywhere from 100+ to 200+ images so I will do my best to pick out 18 sexy hot images to show you from each girl. Time to start the show so sit back and enjoy!


Out on the garden, with the warm summer light falling on her dark skin, Whitney begins to undress, untying her knit top slowly, revealing her big breasts and large aureoles as she squeezes them with her arms. Sliding her panties down her firm legs, Whitney shows us her curly full bush as she smiles back at the camera. Down on the floor, Whitney spreads her legs wide apart providing a splendid look at her whole vulva. Turning around on all fours, Whitney sticks her round bum out before turning on her belly and raising her legs up in the air and spreading them wide apart displaying her flexibility. 


Alina & Chloe V.

Alina displays her tarot cards next to Chloe who is sitting next to her wearing white stockings and a short skirt.through which we see her dark skin. Chloe pulls down Alina’s top revealing her pert breasts and erect nipples as she sensually puts them into her mouth and licks them. Alina in the meantime, slides her hand down Chloe’s stockings, pressing her hand against her vulva. As they both undress, Alina sits on the couch on all fours, while Chloe behind her, starts fingering her as she kisses her bum cheeks, making Alina moan in pleasure. Down on the floor, they enjoy some tribbing action before Chloe sits on Alina’s face as she licks her and fingers her until she reaches a powerful orgasm.

Amanda B.

Bending over forwards as she stretches her legs, Amanda’s girly panties become visible beneath her short skirt. As she starts to undress slowly, Amanda takes off her skirt, revealing her full bush that spreads out from her panties. Sliding her hand in her underwear, Amanda begins to caress her vulva, before inserting her fingers in her natural wetness as she spreads her labia apart. Lying face down on the couch, Amanda continues to masturbate, reaching for her vagina from behind as she continues to insert her fingers vigorously.

Anna S.

Bending over the couch, Anna’s round bum moves inside her tight short shorts. As she pulls her ponytail aside, we are able to catch a glimpse of her small breasts and girly panties. Anna continues to strip down, revealing her slender body, little by little, all the way to her hairy vulva. Lying down completely naked, Anna raises her legs up in the air and caresses her pert breasts as she smiles. Turning around, Anna lays on all fours, pushing her bum out providing a splendid look at her tight anus and delicate vulva as she caresses her long hair.


Billie T.

Leaning on the couch we are able to get a sneak peek up Billie’s skirt and see her girly panties as she seductively looks back over her shoulder. Gracefully taking off her bra, Billie reveals her round breasts and pink nipples before raising her legs up in the air and sliding her panties through her long legs. Laying completely naked on the couch, Billie grabs her dildo and inserts it into her dripping wet vulva as she holds her breath. Slowly moving it in and out, Billie continues to masturbate in numerous positions until she reaches a powerful orgasm. 

Bonnie C. & Remie

Moving on top of Remie, Bonnie leans forward as Remie reaches for her breasts and passionately kisses her puffy nipples. Raising her legs in the air, Remie presses her feet against Bonnie’s breasts while she pulls out her tight pants. As Bonnie kisses the inner pant of Remie’s thighs, she slowly moves down and delicately pulling Remie’s panties aside, proceeds to give oral pleasure and fingering Remie as she squirms in pleasure. Completely naked, Remie slides beneath Bonnie and gives her a feverish cunnilingus as Remie holds her head on top of her. Pumping in excitement, they engage in passionate tribbing and mutual oral before laying next to each other cuddling.


Dasha lies on the couch napping next to her stuffed animals as we admire her panties up through her short girly dress. As she begins to brush her hair, the suspender of her dress slides down her shoulder letting us catch a glimpse of her nipple. Lying on the couch, Dasha uses her necklace and her phone to rub it against her panties which through the side of which we are able to sense her vulva. Moving to the kitchen, Dasha spreads flour all over her naked body as she moves around her slender naked body, sensually caressing her pert breasts and round bum in the process.



Unbuttoning her short jeans, Diah smiles as she exposes her lace, girly panties. As she slowly undresses, she spreads her legs apart, revealing her magnificent full bush that leaks out from inside her underwear. Taking off her top, Diah’s round, pert breasts and dark nipples become visible from beneath her bra. Laying completely naked in the couch, Diah smiles as she moves her firm, exotic body up, lifting her hips in the air before turning around and laying on all fours down on the floor. 


Opening her legs, Emilia reveals her girlie panties beneath her short summer dress. Slowly moving her hand her slender body, Emilia pulls her dress up revealing her full bush pressing against her panties and some of her long pubic hair leaking through the sides of her underwear.  Stepping outside to the terrace, Emilia raises her leg up the banister providing a perfect view of her whole vulva as she smiles at the camera and gives a seductive look through her glasses before coming back in and spreading her legs wide apart in numerous positions.

Ivanna & Maia

Sliding her hand beneath Ivanna’s dungarees, Maia reaches for her erect, nipples. Slowly undressing her, Maia kisses Ivanna’s thighs as she moves closer and closer to Ivanna’s girly panties. Pressing her tongue and lips against them, the wetness of Ivanna’s vulva is visible through her underwear. Laying on the floor, Ivanna invites Maia to sit on her face as she reaches to Ivanna’s perfectly shaved vulva with her tongue. With her back on an exercise ball Ivanna is undressed by Maia, as she passionately provides oral while inserting her fingers making Ivanna tremble in pleasure.


Kyna D.

During a quiet outdoor summer evening, Kyra slowly unzips her top, revealing the big breasts inside her bra. Slowly undressing, with the outdoor sunlight falling on her pale skin, Kyna pulls down her panties uncovering her full bush. Laying completely naked on the floor, Kyra stretches her labia apart, revealing her clitoris and already dripping wet vagina. As she turns around and continues to play with her vulva, Kyna uses her other hand to spread her bum cheeks apart providing a good look at her pink anus.

Olga V.

Walking down the streets, Olga raises her summer skirt, revealing her girly panties in the middle of the street. Bring cheeky, she raises her shirt, flashing her pert breasts and puffy nipples as she smiles. Back in her room, Olga starts to undress, taking off her bra and caressing her erect nipples and round boobs. Down on all fours, Olga slowly slides her panties down her legs, revealing her hairy vulva and reaching it with her hand, spreading her labia wide apart. Olga continues to spread her labia in numerous positions as she plays with some body paint and brushes all along her soft body skin.

There we have it! Another 12 amateur cuties from that mega site You can visit the site and just click on the members area link at the top right side of the page to tour the free section of the site and check out all the girls. There are a lot of them so have fun! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you all had a great weekend….Bye for now.


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