Melena Maria


“Melena Maria is from Russia. Has a degree in management. Wants to have a rich husband (who doesn’t?). Loves partying and dancing. Once she had sex on a plane. Has a horny cat tattoo on her stomach. Likes Spanish actors and actresses. Has a Siamese cat. Her dream is to have sex with herself. :)” That’s what they had to say about Melena at  previously called There is not a lot of info available about this pretty young actress but as you will soon see she is quite beautiful with a nice figure and long slender legs plus long hair and a pretty face that all combined makes this girl a real hottie! She is 23 years old and did her first adult solo scene when she was 22 so barely 1 year in the biz.  She has a bunch of very sexy solo scenes on the site so far with exception to her latest scene she did with five other girls called “The Amazing Six” which was added June 17, 2016. Melena knows how to show off her sexy body in these solo sets but I hope she starts doing more action scenes with girls and even boys soon. She would definitely be superb in FF and FM action scenes… So lets get on with things starting from her first scene on back in September of 2015….

Meet Melena Maria

Follow My Tail

Here is a short segment of the interview Ivana did of Melena.

Interview With Malena Maria

After the interview Melena does a sexy striptease outside on the deck then poses in just her flats!


Stretching Out In Bed

Sweat And Determination

A Flaming Hottie


Pornstar In The Making

Sunshine Heats Up My Pussy

Feeding My Bottom


Taking The First Step

One more solo scene to show you then I will give you a look at the six girl scene I mentioned earlier… In this next scene Melena is wearing sexy stockings and does a full striptease until she is posing naked on the floor!

My Lust Is Fulfilled


Here is part of the movie from ” My Lust Is Fulfilled

Antonia Sainz, Cecilia, Clover, Lady Dee, Melena Maria, &  Taylor Sands in The Amazing Six

That’s all I have for today. Even though Melena hasn’t got into any hardcore material yet , you have to admit she is hot and has what it takes to become a star ! Visit to see more amazing young pretty porn stars in the hottest scenes. Thanks for dropping by everyone:-)


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