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Dido Angel &  Eva Berger in Wake Up Honey

Pretty redhead Eva wakes up her blonde girlfriend Dido Angel by peeing over her pretty little head. Dido loves this attention and licks her wet fingers, enjoying the taste of Evas pee. Dido cant wait to return the favour and sprays her golden piss over Evas pretty little pussy before licking it with her eager tongue! She turns her redhead hottie over and fingers her tight ass then Eva toys herself with a red sex toy while Dido Angel showers her in even more golden pee! This gorgeous couple continue with their toy play and water sports fun until both girls are fully satisfied!

Lady Dee & Paula Shy in Geisha Inauguration

The world of the the Geisha is a mysterious one. Paula is introducing Lady Dee, her new apprentice, to the erotic form of the art. Dee is a model pupil, picking up on her instructor’s teachings at a rapid pace. Her first lesson is serving from a tea pot, with Paula adding a sexy twist to the lesson. Dee watches attentively as Paula pees into the tea pot and – knowing her role as maiko – Dee acts accordingly, serving her mentor first and assuring to serve herself as well. Paula undresses Dee and her direction becomes much more clear cut, steering Dee’s hand between her legs. As the girls gain momentum, Dee takes it up a notch, peeing on Paula as she lays back on the table. Paula then climbs over Dee, kneeling on one knee and jutting her other knee forward and pivoting back and forth as she showers Dee. But Dee is never intimidated by what she should do next, always pushing the envelope, getting on all fours and peeing on a couple of instances. She holds her position as Paula climbs the table again, holding her mouth open as Paula hoses it with a powerful jet stream.

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Megan Rain & Gina Gerson

Megan is a young and hard working girl. Her schedule keeps her busy, so she is always looking for good help cleaning her home. Her previous hire was not meeting her expectations, so she sets a time and date for her next possible house cleaner. After she lays down a few ground rules, Gina says she is ready to start that same day. Megan quickly notices how diligently Gina is working. She kindly offers her to take a break and to feel free to use her shower if she needs to do so. Megan leaves to tend to her work – hearing the shower – she curiously takes a peek and finds Gina peeing in the shower. This really turns Megan on, and she squats for a piss out of Gina’s line of sight. Before wrapping up the day for Gina, Megan confesses that she witnessed Gina peeing and that it is something that she has always found highly erotic. She asks Gina, if by chance, she would like to pee on her. Gina gladly fulfills Megan’s request – but there’s more than just sharing that fantasy together for the girls – and they begin kissing before venturing into more than Megan or Gina could’ve ever imagined. No area is off limits as the girls pee on their feet, lick at their streams, and flaunt their best poses in their fun-filled romp.

Alexis Crystal & Lexi Dona in Where Is Santa?

Suspicions are on the rise as people begin to realize that Santa never showed up for Christmas. What could possibly have happened that would keep him away on his very favorite day all year? Lexi and Alexis – that’s what happened. These young lovers have concocted a scheme to get Santa all to themselves this year and they have big plans for him. After snaring him in a net, the devious girls begin to devour his excited cock with their mouths, passing it back and forth like a lollipop. Santa soon finds himself stripped from his fuzzy red apparel and on the receiving end of fresh showers of golden piss. But he’s not complaining! No… he wants his turn! After fucking both naughty babes from behind, St. Nick releases a river of piss so big that it looks like he’s been holding it in all year. Alexis and Lexi are drenched in golden holiday cheer and loving every second of it. Christmas Eve comes and goes and still the jolly saint is so wrapped up in the dripping wet threesome that he’s completely forgotten about all of the gifts waiting to be delivered. He’s too busy making sure every hole gets filled with hard cock and hot pee. Oh well… there’s always next year, right?

Here is the video teaser from this scene from

Gina Gerson & Naomi in Selfies

Gina is taking some selfies when she solicits Naomi to help her take some pictures she can’t take on her own. Things get naughtier and Gina asks Naomi to photograph her as she pees on the sofa. Naomi joins in and pees on Gina’s leg. It’s evident that Naomi needed to go, peeing through her red pants with a trailing stream down her leg. Gina is left jaw wide open, impressed by how much Naomi is able to pee. Naomi gives Gina’s toes a lot of tlc, sucking on them for what would normally fetch a high price. Naomi takes Gina’s piss straight into her mouth several times, swishing and splashing it back into Gina’s mouth. The girls then take a semi-69 position. What should be a good licking from Naomi to Gina is interrupted as Gina’s magic hands bring Naomi to an involuntary pause, overly satisfied by Gina’s handiwork. Communication without words is crucial, and Naomi lets Gina know when she needs to pee simply by bringing her hand towards her crotch as Gina uses a dildo on her. The outcome is a great shot as Naomi shoots a solid stream straight back onto Gina’s tongue. The girls finish off by peeing into a large glass and taking turns spraying each other with it’s contents. Naomi waves goodbye after Gina gestures a kiss in our direction. All is almost said and done when Gina runs back to the filming area with an eager “I go some more, guys”. That is some serious dedication on her part.

Leila Smith and Lollypop

Girlfriends Leila and Lollypop don’t have a lot in common. But one thing these spunky girls do share is a love for hot piss. So red headed Leila knows she isn’t going to get any complaints when she peels off her shorts and lets a golden stream flow all over her friend’s bare legs. In fact, rather than get mad, Lolly joins in! she strips off her own lower clothing and stands with her bare pussy positioned directly in front of Leila’s mouth. As the rush of nectar begins to flow, Leila opens her lips to catch it on her tongue, delighting in the sensation as it trickles down her chin and onto her cloth-covered tits. The pair take turns licking pee-soaked pussy before pulling out a big double-headed dildo. Lolly wants to be the first to feel the stiff penetration and eagerly accepts the fake dick in her tiny little asshole while Leila soaks her down with another golden shower. Of course, Leila isn’t going to let her own booty go neglected. The naughty duo keeps right on going until both girls are fully fucked, completely satisfied, and soaked with golden pee.

Noleta & Sicilia in Wet Stockings

All dressed up in lingerie and stockings, petite blonde beauties Noleta and Sicilia want to make this an evening they’ll never forget. As the two exchange thoughts of their wildest fantasies, they realize they share one very intimate and erotic longing – they both want to know how it feels to be showered in warm golden piss. Determined to turn this long-time fantasy into reality, Sicilia kicks things off by spreading her pussy lips and letting a slow stream of urine flow onto Noleta’s stocking-clad leg. What starts as a tentative exchange soon turns into an all-out piss fest. Before they know it, the naughty girls are sucking sweet and tangy pee from each other’s glistening skin and even gulping it down straight from the source. All this pissing action has got the pair incredibly worked up, so they break out a large dildo to bring both dripping twats to much needed orgasm. Only once both piss vixens have had their share of cum and urine do they decide to call it a night. There’s only one “problem” now… what should they do with all of these leftover puddles of golden nectar?

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Angel Piaff, Davon Kim & Lexi Dona in…

Trio Feetastic

Join three of the hottest babes around in this amazing new scene which not only involves plenty of piss play, but foot fetish too! These gorgeous girls start off by getting intimate with each other – kissing and caressing before their friend comes over to the bed and pisses all over them and their sheets. Watch as they lick each other from their heads to their toes and use their fingers to get each other off and once they are completely naked, they enjoy pissing their warm golden nectar all over each other.

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