Meet Clover

Clover started her career in porn a bit later than most the girls but she is still very young looking at the ripe age of 23 years old! Here Is What they say about her at Wow Girls and 18 Only Girls web sites… “Clover is from Russia. She had her first sex in a car. Speaks English and Korean. Clover is a nature girl. Likes camping, swimming, diving. Loves cooking and reading. Risotto, pasta, and Italian desserts are some of her favorite foods to cook. Prefers old erotic movies to modern porn ones.” So with that being said lets have a look at this petite blonde cutie simply named “Clover”.

Meet Clover

Here is a portion of the interview Clover did with Katya.

Finally Home

I Have What You Need

This next scene is nice but what is with those funky shoes 🙂

Making The Point

This is a scene that Clover does with Paul Shy but Clover doesn’t get her pussy banged in this scene..

Free Entertainment

This set Clover teams up with the sexy Taylor Sands for a girl on girl scene and this time Clover gets her pussy licked properly!

There Is No One Like You

The Search Is Over

Feeling The Sun Rays

Here is another girl on girl scene movie preview  with Clover and Naomi Nia that turns into a threesome with the pool guy.. Enjoy.

The Sunniest Day

Well that’s it for today but first lets talk. Clover is a nice looking girl and you are probably wondering why I added her to my blog seeing she is mostly unknown in the adult industry ( At This Time ). Well if I only posted the superstars and bigger well known pornstars then what fun is in that! Clover is fairly new and a bit dick shy but seems to like pussy licking so lets just see if she keeps working and ..Well who knows what this cutie can do when she decides to open up to the world…Even more than she has done here today.. We love ya Clover and a special hello from Canada! Goodnight all.