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I have a nice update to Gina Gerson’s posts with a bunch of work she has been doing at DDF Network of sites. Solo, Fetish, Hardcore, Blow Jobs, Bondage, Threesomes….. This little gal has been very busy! I have already posted her biography on a earlier post but if you need a quick refresher then Click Here to check it out ( Link opens in a new tab ). So lets gets things started with a couple of solo scenes.

Born To Be Anal!

Some girls take their time working up to the anal experience, whether in life or in modeling…but the amazing newcomer Gina goes for the gluteal gusto right away as she peels aside her purple panties and quickly slides a big fat pink plug up her bottom! And it stays in there throughout her scene as if it’s the most natural thing in the world for a young lady to wear. With her posterior stuffed, she can concentrate on her pussy, sliding her fingers inside the pink. As the young Russian beauty turns this way and that on the bed, we also get some sexy views of her bare size 6 feet. And amazing closeups reveal just how much her rosebud is stretched by the nasty girth of the toy. Gina takes off her lingerie completely and keeps showing off her crotch, with the plug firmly inserted as if it’s meant to be in there forever! Our girl smiles and poses her long bare legs widely spread apart, then masturbates her snatch some more before slowly removing the ass invader and giving it a big lick and suck goodbye!

Cozy With Her Vibe

That frisky Russian cutie Gina returns to our site today, and this time she brings along a bright blue toy that gets cozy in her two most private nooks. First Gina poses in a white chemise, bra, and panties, and soon enough she’s giving us a good long look at her shaved pie. Then she kneels on the bed in the doggie position as her Full HD erotic video heats up and she pulls apart her cheeks to show us all the space available for cocks, tongues, and fingers in her snatch. That’s when she introduces the ribbed plastic double-dong vibe, which she lubes with her mouth and then crams in her booty and box. Gina sure looks delicious with her legs spread wide, her heels digging into the bed as she props herself up to give us all the details of her self-penetration!

Time to have a look at some of the kinky fetish stuff that Gina has been doing at DDF Network on House Of Taboo where she works with Nick Lang and Kathia Nobili in a domination scene.

Sex Fiend Acadamy

Gina has been a very naughty student, smoking in the closet. But she’s also been careless, because her teacher Kathia Nobili has caught her in the act! Miss Nobili loses no time in taking Gina to the principal, Mr. Nick Lang, who instantly puts aside the magazine he was reading to administer a harsh spanking, followed by Gina’s initiation into oral discipline, first by being made to suck the handle of a jump rope, and then to worship principal Lang’s big dick. See it all in this extreme porn threesome! Miss Nobili fucks Gina with the jump rope handle while the schoolgirl continues to blow Mr. Lang, before being laid on the desk to be penetrated by the Lang log. Meanwhile Miss Nobili sits her snatch on Gina’s mouth at the same time. The gorgeous teacher realizes she would like a little of her boss’s dick herself, and so she positions her pussy over Gina’s face so that the girl will be humiliated by observing her teacher getting fucked by the principal only inches above. Ultimately, though, Gina is penetrated in her ass by Miss Nobili (with the jump rope handle) and by Mr. Lang (with his prick) until in the climax of this hardcore XXX video her face is turned into a cum dump, which these academic sex fiends are convinced will teach this schoolgirl a no-smoking lesson once and for all!

Have a look at Gina getting banged by a big hand held sex machine!

The Diabolic Device

In today’s roleplay, Gina’s in chains, torn stockings, and at the mercy of an master. She feels her mouth filled by a dildo device attached to a drill, a diabolical invention of his. With his strong hand he urges her onto her back on the couch so he can squeeze her shaved pussy mound with his pitiless fingers. He crams her snatch with his digits and then when he pulls them out, makes her lick up her own juices from them. “On your knees!” he tells her, and then boffs her pussy and ass with his fingers.“Now lube my dildo drill!” he orders, sticking the toy into her mouth, then transferring it to her snatch. “It’s too much…too much…too much fucking perverted pleasure!!!” her mind cries out silently in her brain, even as he moves the drill over to her ANUS…Then, when he’s done banging her back door with the toy, he puts the drill cock into her mouth for the final touch.

This video sample will show how fucked she got. Go Gina go!

Now that was just down wright nasty !!  She really got drilled in the the ass this time 🙂 Time to watch Gina give two guys blow jobs from the site Only Blow Jobs!

Thank Him With Throat!

Gina is tired of her boyfriend Lance Hardwood always wearing only sport shirts. She wants him to suit up! After she answers an infomercial for an in call suit-delivery service, sales rep Choky Ice arrives to fit Lance with a really nice jacket. Naturally, Gina is very grateful, as depicted in these sexy blowjob pics and Full HD oral sex video, because she invites Choky to get some cock sucking along with Lance! This Russian porn star hot babe slides down the front of her dress so that her perky titties are on display as she kneels before the meat and gives it all the deep throat and balls licking she’s famous for. She even tries to cram both dicks in her mouth at the same time! Choky cums first, filling her mouth with his seed, and then she’s left alone with Lance once again for yet one more serving of spume. And then later, no doubt, she’ll have him model his new suit for her!

Gina can make a guy cum from the top of her body to the very bottom of her body, lets see how she uses her feet on this guy as a ballerina on DDF Productions

Studio Shenanigans

Gina from the Russian Federation really wants to excel as a ballet dancer, but unfortunately her teacher Mugur cannot keep his mind on the job! No sooner is he showing her some moves in the studio than he’s licking her feet while they’re still in her dancing shoes.
Then he gets her on his shoulders seemingly to practice a complex move but really because he wants to feel her warm crotch panel against his neck while he licks at her foot! Finally the student decides to give her hopelessly aroused teacher the things he aches for, and she stands on the piano in her gorgeous lacy leggings so he can worship her bare size 6 feet. But Mugur is far more than just a foot guy, he wants to bang her box too, as long as she helps his tool with her bare soles on its way into her clam. He slides his inches inside her slit while he licks on her toes with their pink nail polish, and soon she rides him on his shoulders again and plays with his rod from above. They say in the music world that “practice makes perfect” and if so Gina will be great as a foot sex performer, although she might have to change teachers if she wants to focus totally on her ballet technique! Because clearly Mugur, his meat, and his seductive shenanigans are too much of a distraction for HER as well!!

Lets have a quick look at Gna making this guy cum on her feet!

Told ya she knew how to use her feet! This now takes us to a hardcore threesome scene where Gina gets DP’d

Fresh On Her Tongue

Judging by the message on her t-shirt, Gina is of two minds about how to behave today. Doing her housework, she is presumably being good…taking on David Perry and Thomas Stone, she is being bad! But being bad is good, right? Certainly our rising cocks seem to think so, as we watch the exciting panorama of this cute Russian girl getting stripped and fucked thoroughly by her well-hung friends. They put her on the table, take down her pants, and soon this wild girl is sucking both their dicks as this threesome explodes in a frenzy of fornication, balls licking, and of course posterior plowing as this new hardcore XXX video builds in intensity with lots of anal porn and double penetration. Gina can’t quite fit both pricks in her mouth at the same time–it’s such a cute but petite mouth–but she certainly knows how to take each load, fresh and hot, in turn on her tongue!

I have one more scene to show you that I found  that is really cool with Gina in the bathroom riding a Sybian!!

Russian Hottie Goes For A Morning Post Bath Sybian Ride

Some people take a shower and head off to work for another stressful day, but not Russian cutie Gina. She’s a smart little cookie and she knows the best way to start the day is destressing first with some pussy insertion and ass fingering self pleasure, as she demonstrates for us today in her Full HD solo erotic video and nude pics. The petite blonde steps out of the bath tub to dry off her 32AA-22-35 sexy slim body, and what looks first like an innocent oil rub down, turns quickly into a fingering forage into her sweet shaved pussy. Then with a mischievous look in her eyes, she pulls out her Sybian, and gives it a little sucking before grabbing the remote control, and going for a ride. No more morning cardio necessary as this babe jumps on barefoot, her perky small tits bouncing. And instead of getting her vitamins from her morning OJ, she drinks down her own juices instead. Now that is the DDF way to start the day!

Well that’s all the time I have time for this Gina Gerson post from the DDF Network. Now keep in mind the links I have given you here are for the entire network of sites  and not just one. DDF has been around for a long time and they have a huge library of great content with fantastic models! And because you are here right now the links to their site will offer a 50% off membership plan, not bad eh!!  Hope you all enjoyed the post and have a great night !