Abby Winter Girls Update

Got some new Abby Winters girls to post today! I have a mix of solo girl pictures and girl on girl pictures from their latest updates directly from the members area to share with you.  These amateur girls are pure and natural girl next door types and I am sure you will enjoy their picture samples…


Wearing sheer bra and underwear, Andreea climbs on the couch, rubbing her crotch on the armchair. She slowly sides down to the floor, teasing with her big brown eyes and perfect large breasts in a bra. Playing with her bras, she grabs one to see how it fits her breasts while smiling and revealing her braces. Playfully moving up and down the couch, Andreea gets naked. Her fingers slowly move toward her breasts to expose her pinknipples. Her hands then move toward her most intimate parts, sliding into her lace underwear. Andreea lifts her legs up and smoothly removes her underwear, revealing her pink labia.

Remie & Zina

Zina and Remie meet in a quiet city street. As Remie takes a lollipop, they both lick it and end up passionately kissing each other as their hands move into the inner part of each other’s thighs. On their way home they can’t help themselves and Remie moves Zina into a backstreet wall as she pushes her way in between Remie’s legs. Already in a more intimate environment, both girls undress each other revealing Remi’s big breasts and Zina’s full bush. Soon, Remie is sitting on top of Zina’s face as she’s licking her vulva, giving her extreme pleasure. Both girls continue to pleasure each other to orgasm until they finally end up cuddling in bed.


With a smile on her face, Maia slowly takes off her bra while squeezing her large boobs and looks at the camera through her glasses. Through the edge of her shorts, we can see her girlie panties before she takes them off and displays her perfectly shaved vulva. Spreading her legs in the couch, Maia wraps her boobs using a small belt that she also uses to squeeze her butt cheeks. On all fours, she raises her butt providing a clear view of her pink anus.

Chloe V

Just as Chloe bends over the sofa, revealing her thighs, she gives us a sexy look through her glasses. As her skirt slides upwards, we notice her stained panties which she slowly takes off revealing her meaty lips. With her lip balm, Chloe first applies it to her voluptuous lips then she starts moving downwards. First, softly caressing her nipples and rubbing it against her vulva before spreading her legs in numerous positions.


Remie lifts up her ass high up in the air, revealing her underwear entwined with her hairy crotch. She playfully pulls the underwear till seam gets in between her warm,hairy labia. Rolling on the bed, Remie slowly starts showing off more of her body. She slides her hands underneath her pink top and stretches it, emphasizing the curves of her breasts. She pulls off her top and displays her lace bra and the dark nipples underneath. Remie slides her hands into her bum and pulls her underwear off, liberating her hairy anus. Her fingers move toward her labia to show more of her intimate parts.

Laney & Mirai

Softly, Laney parts Mirai’s pubic hair, Mirai’s virgin blood sticking to her labia. With a tender smile, Laney lowers her mouth to the intimate lips and pleasures Mirai with her skilled tongue, the very first person to ever do so. Snuggled on the bed in matching glasses, Miria and Laney read together. With want in her eyes, Laney feeds chocolates to Mirai before reaching out to ease down her dress, a finger hooking inside the strap of her bra. Unsure at first, Mirai responds eagerly when they begin kissing, reaching out to peel off Laney’s clothing before nuzzling her face between her pillowy breasts. With guiding hands, Laney lies Mirai on her back, holding her leg to her naked breasts and reaching out to lick Mirai’s bare foot. Gently, so as not to hurt her, Laney eases her fingers into the warmth of Mirai’s vagina, her broken hymen leaking onto Laney’s fingers but neither woman minds as this is all about pleasure and a wonderful first time.


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Stephanie P

Stephanie bends over on the edge of her bed, her bum in booty shorts pushed up high in the air. She starts playing with the seams of the shorts, pulling them up higher and higher, revealing more her round cheeks. Stephanie grabs the neck of her top and gently, with one finger, pulls it down her breasts. She then rolls up her top and exposes her delicate tan lines, which surround her young and pert breasts. With her pink hair clip she grabs her transparent underwear and pulls it down her smooth thighs, exposing her hairy pubic region.


Rosalyn pulls off her panties, a stray pink thread catching between her smooth labia. Spreading her soft bum cheeks wide apart, Rosalyn snuggles down in the wheelbarrow, her little finger inserting deep into her warm vagina and is quickly followed by a second! Sitting on the edge of the wheelbarrow, Rosalyn’s fingers grip the warm flesh of her thighs. Smiling, she provocatively bends forwards, her leather clad bottom raised high in the air. Extending her legs behind, her Rosalyn ‘s naked feet tickle the grass as she enjoys the warm sunshine outdoors. With a tug, she pulls up her shirt, her small breasts pushed together in her bra as he moves. With delicate fingers, Rosalyn teases at the pink bow on her panties, the fabric pulling away to expose her neatly shaved crotch.


Laney pulls her underwear to the side, exposing her natural, full bush. Playfully, she pours water on her her underwear to make it transparent and after few seconds she crouches to pee. Looking up with her green eyes, Laney flashes her stunning cleavage, teasing a bit of her perfect breasts. Flirting with her gaze, she pulls off her tight top to show off her breasts in their bra. Nude outdoors, pulls her bum chicks apart to reveal her pink anus. Slowly, she moves her fingers to pull her labia apart, to expose her most intimate parts.

Ashley L & Laney

Comparing their amazing breasts, Ashley and Laney press their nipples together as they flirt and kiss on the bed. Starting by trying on each other’s bras, they move closer and eventually land a passionate kiss as they hold close. Undressing each other, they feel their want for the other build. Staring deep into their eyes, they slide in between the other legs, their wet vulva’s pressed together as they start to grind. Gripping onto their perfect large breasts, they rise to orgasm!

That’s all I have on the latest girls updates at Abby Winters for now with exception to the huge gallery I have on The Red Zone Pages. Like I said, just regular looking girls you would see in public except these girls take their clothes off and play !! 🙂 Have a great weekend all. Hope to see you drop back again soon….